Autistic Haven

Where Everyone is Free to be Themselves

Embark on our shared dream at Autistic Haven, where we aspire to create an ECO-friendly caravan site nestled in the heart of North Wales. This haven is exclusively crafted for families with autistic members, blending the beauty of nature with safe and thoughtful accommodation.

About Us

Our dream is to build an ECO-friendly caravan site exclusively for families with Autistic members in North Wales. 

The site will be fully fenced and secure with exceptional outdoor play equipment for all ages and abilities, hopefully with a magical woodland area giving children complete freedom to explore and have fun, and giving parents the optimal chance to relax and enjoy respite.

Autistic Haven is a registered Community Interest Company (non-profit) that has set an ambitious but achievable target to establish the first phase of business in the next 24 months. 

Phase One

To create 50 seasonal pitches, where families site their own caravan for the entirety of the season.

Phase Two

To create drop-in caravan and camping pitches and build holiday lodges with 50% being wheelchair accessible.

Phase Three

To provide an education and life skills hub for SEN children and young adults.

Proposed On-Site Facilities

In crafting a nurturing environment that celebrates the unique needs of families with autistic children, we are delighted to present a host of thoughtfully designed on-site facilities. Each element has been carefully curated to foster a sense of safety, inclusivity, and joy for all members of our community.

Take a look at a few of our facilities below:

Our site is securely enclosed, providing families with peace of mind and a sense of safety. The fully fenced perimeter ensures that children can explore and play freely within the confines of our community, offering parents a secure environment for their autistic children to thrive.

Families can enjoy the flexibility of seasonal caravan pitches, allowing them to immerse themselves in the beauty of changing seasons while having a stable and familiar home base. It offers a unique opportunity to create lasting memories amidst the natural surroundings.

Our central play area is a hub of activity, filled with a variety of equipment designed to engage and entertain children of all abilities. From swings to climbing structures, it’s a space where kids can socialise, build friendships, and experience the joy of play in an inclusive environment.

A dedicated space for relaxation and sensory exploration, our chill-out area provides a haven for individuals who may need a break from stimulating environments. Soft lighting, soothing sounds, and tactile elements create an atmosphere conducive to calm and comfort.

Nature takes centre stage in our woodland area, offering families a serene escape. Tree houses, hammocks, and swings provide opportunities for imaginative play and a connection with the outdoors, promoting sensory exploration in a natural setting.

Our splash zone is a refreshing and sensory-rich experience for children who enjoy water play. With interactive features and a safe environment, it’s a place where families can cool off, have fun, and create enjoyable aquatic memories.